About us


Welcome to the USA Martial Arts Training Center in Weston, WV. Our training center is dedicated to providing quality Martial Arts training at an affordable rate. At our Center located on West Second St. in down town Weston, we provide formal training in Karate, Aikido, and Iaido. These programs are designed for Adult and Children with a strong emphasis on Family participation.    

A unique aspect of our program is that you may train in multiple Arts or specialize in one. Our center is part of the U S A Martial Arts Federation with branches extending up and down the East Coast under the direction of Hanshi Roger Jarrett. The Weston center is under the direction of Shihan William King who is one of Roger Jarrett’s oldest students.

Our training center in Weston offers a one week free tryout every week. To experience all of our programs you must start on a Monday evening at 6:00 with basic Karate training. Tuesday evening offers Iaido (swordsmanship) at 6:00 and Aikido (way of harmony) at 7:00. Wednesday at 6:00 is a return to Karate basics and sparring class. This Free Tryout is offered weekly so you need not pre-register. Come and experience what true Martial Art training can do for your live both mentally and physically.

Free, One Week Tryout!!!